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  • Do you have urgent EDI mapping projects that need to be implemented soon?
  • Do you have customers or vendors that are demanding that you implement EDI?
  • Are you in need of daily EDI system monitoring?
  • Perhaps you’re short handed in your EDI department?

My objective is to assist your company in becoming self-reliant. To achieve this goal, I start with a mini-evaluation of a company’s existing system and in-house expertise. Once strengths and weaknesses are determined, a strategy is implemented which will enable your company to quickly become more productive and achieve its goals.

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EDI mapping projects:

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is more than just a requirement from your trading partner. It allows significant cost savings through elimination of data entry, faster turnaround, less costly mistakes, and more time to meet shipment deadlines. By integrating the data with trading partners, information is more accurate, timely, and easier for you to process.

I can provide EDI mapping and implementation services for most major EDI and Electronic Commerce software solutions. I work with existing systems in place, for as much or little as you desire. I support major ERP systems such as Oracle, JD Edwards, Lawson, Island Pacific. I have extensive platform experience on the Windows , Unix & ISeries platforms.

I have extensive experience in all platforms of Inovis/Open Text EDI mapping software including Trusted Link, Biz Manager and Biz Mapper. With my added programming experience with all versions of RPG and Javascript, I’m able to offer solutions to your most complex EDI challenges.

I can also provide daily monitoring of your EDI system to insure resolution of errors and uninterrupted service.  This can also include maintaining current and new trading partners, EDI mapping, testing and implementation.

AS400 – ISeries Programmer:

My experience in the iSeries AS/400 and its various software packages has developed an unparalleled level of expertise, quality, and customer satisfaction, while remaining focused on cost-efficiency.

I can dramatically streamline the project management process for my clients by eliminating the need to coordinate numerous independent contractors or multiple outsourcing firms, thus providing a single point of contact for all your project needs. I have over 20 years of experience as an AS400 programmer in retail, manufacturing and distribution environments. I’ve maintained and enhanced many software systems such as JD Edwards, Lawson, CMS and others.

Dedicated commitment:

Whether it’s a 2 hour or 2 year project, I can offer a dedicated high sense of urgency to your needs. My major assets are dedication, trust, dependability and a sense of urgency to meet your needs. I pride myself on my work ethics, efficiency and expertise in the EDI and programming arenas.

Low overhead means very low rates to my clients.

Contact me for a free assessment of your needs now. Together we will create a statement of work, prioritizing your requirements with a complete task list and estimates.

Contact me to discuss your EDI mapper or programming project.