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Denny McCune
Your EDI Mapping and AS400 Programming Specialist

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I am an independent contractor specializing in EDI mapping, programming and system development that utilizes IBM’s midrange systems, Oracle DB and several other ERP systems. I have provided this consulting service since 1986.

I bring to bear a broad and detailed set of knowledge and experience. I have acquired a significant amount of software and hardware experience in numerous business and IT support areas such as EDI, manufacturing, distribution and the retail industry.

I have successfully served clients both on and offsite, including an arrangement where I was the offsite MIS manager for a company for five years. Having the work done offsite has many benefits: No travel, no interruptions, no workspace, and no benefits.

My major assets are dedication, trust, dependability and a sense of urgency to meet your needs. I pride myself on my work ethics, efficiency and expertise in all aspects of the IBM midrange family

I look forward to you contacting me to learn more about my services. Phone: (734) 934-3676


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Contract Programmer Analyst —Specialized in IT Centers That Utilize IBM’s Midrange Computers I5, iSeries, AS/400 EDI specialist on all platforms.

A leader in proving the value and efficiency of offsite contract software development.


  • Dedicated to a specific sector of the IT industry—and dedicated to the client.
  • Always work with a sense of urgency in meeting client’s budget and time requirements.
  • Quickly learn and appreciate the business needs of the client—and provide systems that meet those needs.
  • Frequently called on to resolve urgent, critical problems.
  • Possess the knowledge and experience necessary to resolve issues.
  • Personal traits: Honesty, dependability and reliability.

Information Technology Specialities And Skills

Computers: IBM I5, iSERIES, AS/400, PC’s, various servers
Languages: Primary: RPG and COBOL
Networks: TCP/IP, SNA, LAN/WAN, Client Access, IPX, SDLC, TDLC,
FTP and remote workstations.
Applications: Distribution and Manufacturing Packages, EDI Packages, MRP, G/L, A/R, Payroll, Inventory control, 1040 Tax Package, Order Processing, Sales Analysis and Bill of Material Processing.

Examples of Specific IBM AS/400, iSeries and I5 Experience

  • Applications manager in charge of converting six companies from various systems to an IBM AS/400.
  • Managed and developed a complete EDI system utilizing Sterling Software’s GENTRAN/400 product and Inovis Trusted Link with many X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets.
  • Designed and implemented a remote direct order entry system utilized by customers for order entry, stock and order status inquiries.
  • Have performed extensive programming contracts with the following software packages:
Software Yrs Software Yrs Software Yrs
Trusted Link 15 JDE World & Enterprise One 2 JDA 1
Gentran 2 Neumenon, (AS400/Sys 36) 5 HFA 3
Future 3 5 Mac-Pac 3 SPEEDE bar cde 1
CMS 5 PRMS 1 TurnOver 2
Island Pacific 1 Inovis Biz Connect/Mapper 12 Inovis Biz Link 12
Aldon 1 Hawkeye 1 Lawson 1

Consulting Practice

The following are examples of  off-site consulting assignments.

  • Ansell Healthcare, Dothan, Alabama
    • Converting from PRMS AS/400 to Oracle DB. Used Inovis Biz Link software to map and set up over 150 trading partners with over 300 maps.
  • Gardner Glass, North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
    • Worked extensively with JD Edwards World in the EDI, purchasing, A/P A/R & Sales modules. Used Inovis and Trusted Link software for mapping.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Automotive, Canton, Michigan
    • Worked with Biz Manager using mapper and javascript to implement several transaction sets. The mapping was integrated with Oracle’s Enterpise One data base. Assisted with training and installation
  • Ford Meter Box, Wabash, Indiana
    • Worked with Biz Manager using mapper and javascript to implement several transaction sets. The mapping was integrated with Oracle’s Enterprise One data base.
  • Midway Home Entertainment, Inc,  Chicago, Illinois
    • Worked with Inovis Trusted Link and Biz Manager to develop EDI transactions interfacing with Lawson application software.
  • Avatar Partners Irvine, California
    • Worked extensively with BizConnect & BizLink using mapper and javascript to implement several transaction sets. The mapping was integrated with Oracle’s Enterpise One data base.
  • Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Tampa, Florida
    • Worked extensively with JD Edward’s World software in the sales, order entry, purchasing, A/R, A/P, payroll and EDI modules. Used Inovis EDI Trusted Link software and Sterling’s Gentran for mapping. Mapping included outbound and inbound transactions for financial institutions, customers, health insurance and vendors. TurnOver software used for Sarbanes/Oxley audit compliance.
  • Ruskin Corporation Kansas City, Missouri
    • Set up their EDI system completely. Integrated Inovis Trusted Link with their Mac Pac software. Implemented XML transactions.
  • Performance Bike, Inc. Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    • Set up their EDI system completely. Integrated Inovis Biz Connect with Island Pacific software. Mapped and implemented several transaction sets.
  • Creative Foam, Fenton, Michigan
    • Modified Creative Foam’s EDI system using Inovis Trusted Link software.
    • Made modifications to Foam’s Mac-Pac system (originally provided by Arthur Anderson) in the shipping, sales, MRP, shipping and supply chain modules.
  • Peterson Spring Corporation, Madison Heights, Michigan
    • Installed and maintained manufacturing, CMS software, bill of material processing and sales analysis.
  • WW Grainger, Chicago, Illinois
    • Managed conversion of eight companies to a central AS/400.
    • Worked with Friedman & Associates software and Gentran EDI mapping software. Worked with supply chain management in the automotive sector.
  • CL Gransden, Dearborn, Michigan
    • Located offsite, performed functions of IT manager/programmer/analyst handling the entire department. (Distribution & EDI)
    • Worked with TL Ashford label processing software.
  • Oakwood Metal Products, Taylor, Michigan
    • Worked with Neumenon & Future 3 software.
    • Used Trusted Link software for Oakwood’s EDI mapping.
    • Revised bill of material, MRP, sales and order entry programs.
    • Used SPEEDE bar code software for its label processing.
  • Aisin Corporation, Canton, Michigan
    • Modified Aisin’s system using Future 3 and JDA software.
    • Wrote conversion programs to convert to an AS/400 system.

Professional Full-Employment Positions Prior to Establishing Consulting Practice:

  • IT Director, C. L. Gransden, Dearborn, MI
  • IT Director, Starr Commonwealth, Albion, MI
  • Senior Programmer Analyst. Hayes Albion Corp, Jackson, MI